Taylor’s Triumph

Last week, we honored Destinee Appleman of our Wharncliffe Road South location in London, Ontario as one of our StorageMart Superheroes. In doing so, we learned about her beautiful daughter, Taylor. Taylor has a condition called Rett Syndrome and as a way to boost awareness and funds, StorageMart is launching Taylor’s Triumph, an initiative to help #OverpowerRett!

So, what is Rett Syndrome? Rett syndrome (RTT) is a neurodevelopmental condition characterized by the loss of spoken language and hand use, as well as repetitive hand movements. This disorder is congenital, seen in infancy, and occurs almost exclusively in females. It is believed to occur in one in every ten thousand female births. Rett syndrome is not degenerative and many individuals live long into adulthood, though all children and adults with RTT need full-time assistance with every aspect of their daily lives. There is currently no cure for Rett Syndrome, but advancements in treatment and research provide thousands of people with hope.

People with RTT are non-verbal, but those close to girls like Taylor know their intelligence, personality, and uniqueness shine through in other ways! Individuals with RTT understand far more than they can express. They experience a full range of emotions and show their engaging personalities as they take part in social, educational, and recreational activities at home and in the community. Recent advancements in augmentative and alternative communication are allowing individuals with Rett Syndrome to engage and communicate in new and exciting ways.

Rett Syndrome doesn’t have many obvious effects on outward appearance, causing many people to be confused by the nature of the condition. By raising awareness and funds, Taylor and other young women affected by RTT can spend more time being themselves, and less time trying to explain. If you’re unsure how to communicate with someone with Rett Syndrome, Destinee assures us that a “hello!” and a smile can go a long way!

In honor of Taylor, you can donate to Rett Syndrome research now through October 31, 2019 on the Taylor’s Triumph fundraiser page, and StorageMart will match contributions up to $5,000 to support this worthy cause. Don’t forget to share this page with the hashtag #OverpowerRett and donate today!