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The Best Storage for Motorcycles

Storage for Motorcycles

If you own a motorcycle, you don’t need me to tell you how protective riders are of their bikes. Taking care of a motorcycle can feel like taking care of a baby for some bike-enthusiasts, but when you need to fix it up, or make some room in your garage, vehicle storage can get a little tricky. So, what is the best way to store a motorcycle? We have the answers! From preparing your motorcycle for storage to actually getting it out of your garage or driveway, read on to see how we recommend you store motorcycles. 

Harley Davidson World Motorcycling Day

Following National Motorcycle Safety Month in May, every year on June 21st motorcycle enthusiasts from around the world celebrate their love and appreciation for riding on World Motorcycling Day. Some cities even have meetups every year so their motorcyclist communities can share their appreciation together. If you have any antique motorcycles in storage, June 21st is the day to pull them out and show them off, just don’t forget to brush up on the 10 commandments of motorcycling before you do! 

How to Prepare Motorcycles for Storage

So, you’ve come to the tough decision that your motorcycle needs to be stored. Whether it’s because you got a new bike, the bike stopped running, or you found an antique that is just for show, you need to know the options available that will keep your motorcycle safe from the weather and anything else that may deteriorate it.  

The first step to storing a bike is preparation. Decide how long you need to store the bike and where you have space to store it. For short term storage, make sure you don’t have any leaks, perform routine maintenance as needed, and give the bike a nice wipe down so it’s sparkly clean the next time you take it out.

Long-term motorcycle storage requires a bit more elbow grease. No one wants to get their bike out with the dirt from last year still caked on, so make sure you give it a good cleaning before storing it away. Then, check the battery for any irregularities. Batteries die easily when left stagnant for long periods, so making sure there are no problems before storing it will save you some heartache the next time you need to take it out for a ride. Just make sure to disconnect the terminals if storing for more than a few days. 

Next, check your fuel system and engine oil. Stagnant fuel and old engine oil can be detrimental to any vehicle in storage, including motorcycles. It is recommended that if you are storing at home, you fill your tank up before you store your motorcycle and treat your fuel system with an additive designed to combat ethanol fuel complications. It is also recommended that you replace your engine oil with some fresh oil before storing it as well. 

Lastly, your tires are most likely going to lose air while your motorcycle isn’t in use, but mounting it on a centerstand can help keep your tires filled. Now all that’s left is to store your motorcycle! For more details on how to prepare your motorcycle for longterm storage, read Twisted Throttles preparation tips. 

Keep in mind that how you store a motorcycle at home will be slightly different to how you would store a motorcycle in a storage unit. If you decide to store your bike in a self storage unit, be sure to check the leasing agreement to see what the policies for fuel and other chemicals in your motorcycle will be. Most facilities will also state in their leasing agreement that vehicles must be in working order to store, so be mindful before you rent your unit. 

Outdoor Motorcycle Storage

Whether you’re storing indoors or outdoors, we highly recommend a cover for your motorcycle. If you have driveway space and plan to access your bike frequently, storage may be as simple as just a cover, but don’t cheap out! It’s totally worth it to invest in a high-quality cover to keep any inclement weather from damaging and eroding your ride.  

Another option if you want even better coverage on your bike is a motorcycle shed. Quality pop-up versions that you can easily fold up and tuck away while your bike is in use are available, just make sure it has ground support, such as stakes, to avoid the shed blowing away. 

Can You Store a Motorcycle in a Storage Unit

Not everyone has a garage, driveway, or yard space to store their motorcycle at home. If you lack the space to keep your bike while you aren’t using it, a self storage unit might be the perfect solution for you.  

Once you’ve measured how big your bike is, it will be easy to find a self storage unit to fit your motorcycles. For longterm motorcycle storage, we recommend a climate controlled unit. This type of unit will keep your motorcycle at a constant temperature year-round, so it’s in as good a condition as when you left it. Before you store your motorcycle in a self storage unit, make sure to check your leasing agreement to learn more about how to treat fuel in your bike before storing.

Motorcycle Storage Solutions

For both longterm and shortterm motorcycle storage, our flexible month-to-month leasing makes it easy to safely store your bike any time of the year. To find out how much space you might need in your self storage unit, check out our Self Storage Calculator. Then find the perfect unit near you and rent online today for our exclusive online discounts.