Decoration Storage for the Extended Holiday Season

As October approaches, people begin to plan their holiday parties, events, and—most importantly—decorations. The end of the year brings with it a number of holiday festivities and events and great opportunities to add some seasonal flair to your home. Holiday decor takes up space, too, and going all-out on your indoor and outdoor accessories can really create issues when the time comes to pack all that cheer away.

Let’s look at three commonly celebrated holidays and ways in which self storage can help you stow away those decorations and keep them in great shape, year after year.


Leading off the festivities is Halloween which is actually a shortened contraction of All Hallows Eve. From bobbing for apples, carving pumpkins, watching scary movies, or going to haunted houses, there are many ways to celebrate this holiday. Of course, with the right decorations and costumes, your party can become a huge celebration.

The great thing about decorating for Halloween is that many of the spookiest decorations can be saved and used again. Provided it stays dry and the batteries are changed, your “life-size,” fully automated zombie will still work next year. Saving all of your fake spiders and witches and ghouls in a self storage unit will give you the ability to go all out for decorating and not take up space in your home saving decorations for next year’s scream fest.


While many people think Thanksgiving is just about the turkey, stuffing, and pie, plenty of decorations can be reused year after year to make your table inviting and festive! One of the things many people like to have at Thanksgiving is a holiday dish set. Not enough space in your kitchen cabinets for a special holiday dish set? Once the dishes are clean and dried, simply wrap them up with bubble wrap and pack them away in self storage until next year’s holidays come along.


Once all the cobwebs of Halloween have been cleansed from the house and all of the leftover turkey is consumed, it’s time for tinsel, trees, and the twinkle lights of Christmas. Whether you are the house on the block with a light display that Clark Griswold would envy, an army of inflatable snowmen in the yard, or a simple tree for you and your family, the holiday season is one of the most decorative times of year for many households.

When the last presents have been opened and the stockings have all been taken down from the chimney, it is time to once again pack it all up until next Christmas season. Why take up room in your home, garage, or basement with the holiday decorations that you will not need until next year?

Leave that space as usable square footage in your home. Rent a self storage unit, and your holiday decorations will all be waiting for you the following year—and future years to come!

Reclaiming Your Home This Holiday Season

Whether your home is the traditional holiday destination for friends and family or you just love decorating during festive times of year, all those collected holiday decorations can really start to add up and take over valuable storage space in your home. To free up your basement, garage, or attic, consider using self storage.

Renting a self storage unit is a great way to cut down on clutter and keep handy those items you know you’ll reuse time and time again. To get started, check out our storage size guide, or reserve a storage unit near you today!

Updated February 13, 2020