RV Storage in Edmonton, AB

For residents in the Edmonton, AB, area, there are plenty of camping sites and lakes nearby. Whether you’re going out for a weekend trip or lake day, you’ll need somewhere to store your RV when you return. StorageMart in Edmonton can help with convenient, affordable options for RV storage. Get started on your storage journey and rent online today!

Where To Find RV Storage in Edmonton, AB

When you’re looking for RV storage in Edmonton, look no further. You can find a selection of StorageMart storage facilities around the Edmonton area, including:

Best RV Destinations Near Edmonton, AB

In Edmonton and surrounding areas, there are plenty of parks, lakes, and RV parks. If you’re up for a weekend getaway, Lake Winnipeg is a couple of hours away with plenty of waterfronts and a park reserve. Camping destinations nearby include:

How To Prepare Your RV for Storage

When it comes time to put away your RV for a couple of weeks or months, you’ll want to be sure to store it properly when not in use. Properly cleaning and preparing your recreational vehicle for storage helps keep your vehicle in good condition and prevents any potential wear and tear.
You’ll want to empty out your vehicle completely and clean the interior. Wiping down the fridge and vacuuming can prevent pests. Take steps to winterize your RV so it’s ready to hit the road when you come to pick it up. Staying up to date on regular maintenance will help your vehicle maintain its condition while in storage. You’ll also want to wipe down the exterior of your RV prior to dropping it off in storage.

RV Storage for Rent in Edmonton, AB

At StorageMart, our team of storage professionals are committed to providing convenient storage solutions. With advanced storage features including gated access and a wide variety of storage unit options, you can enjoy peace of mind while storing your belongings. Have questions? Browse our FAQ page. When you’re ready, find your vehicle storage unit in Edmonton today!


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