Apartment Living Survey Results: Space for What?

The lifestyle of city dwellers everywhere was tested by COVID-19 quarantines across the globe and they were forced to change how they approached apartment living. We wondered, how have people living in apartments in Manhattan changed the way they use their space?  We know a lot of them store with us, but how are they storing in their homes. We asked a couple thousand Manhattanites how they were doing, and the results might surprise you.

The number one thing that mattered the most to Manhattan residents was “space.” Also, among the interesting insights, we found 25% of New Yorkers are working from their bed/ bedroom. And, another 16% of New Yorkers are working from their coffee tables. 61% of those surveyed are storing items under their bed. While others are storing in suitcases, and ovens, and 11% of the New Yorkers we asked said they are storing items in the bathtub!

Everyone in NYC could use more space, but not everyone agrees how they would use more space if they had it. Our survey found more than half of the New Yorkers asked wanted more space for clothes. But, a large portion of the respondents said they also wanted space for cooking, exercise, being themselves, entertaining, and work.

Whether you’re pet owners, a growing family, a hobbyist, or a fashionista there’s space for all at Manhattan Mini Storage. Check out all the stats, and see how your use of space and storage needs match up with other NYC residents.

Results of the apartment living survey