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Manhattan Mini Storage Summer 2022 Billboards

At Manhattan Mini Storage, we have been committed to providing easy, fast, and safe space for all New Yorkers since 1978. From our work with charity organizations making a positive difference for those who need it most, to our fun content that is sure to make you look twice, we love sharing our messages with all of Manhattan and we hope you enjoy them as much as we do.

Rent Fast, Easy, and Secure Storage in NYC

Manhattan Mini Storage is very excited to make our Summer ‘22 Billboard debut. When asked why fast, easy, secure storage was chosen as the theme for the Summer 2022 billboards, Global Director of Marketing for Manhattan Mini Storage, Sarah Little, responded, “Leaning into our commitment to provide a fast and easy rental process was a given – it’s what we do. This season we polled our global team of store managers and they had us in stitches. The winning “Prince Andrew” entry came to us all the way from our assistant manager, Simon Dubeau, in the United Kingdom.” 

Storage Faster Than…

A cartoon character stands on steps with their arms crossed and holding a purse. They are next to text that reads "Rent faster than your pathetic ex swipes right."

They may be swiping like their life depended on it, but our rental process is quick and easy to save you some heartache – unlike your ex. 


Three cartoon characters stand next to each other. One is holding a purse, one is holding sunglasses, and one has a baby stroller. They stand next to text that reads "Rent faster than the group chat can stalk his profile."

Finish renting your unit before they can say “found them!” 


A muscular cartoon character flexes their muscles and holds a gallon jug of water below text that reads "Rent faster than your gym crush can post a selfie."

Gym bros are fast, but our easy rental process is faster! 


Storage Easier Than…

A cartoon character stands in a kitchen holding his phone as he sends a heart emoji in a text. The copy above him reads "Easier than sending the first DM. Rent Mini Storage."

While sending the first DM might seem like the most stressful thing at the moment, renting Manhattan Mini Storage can be the easiest. 


A cartoon character stands in a park holding shopping bags and a coffee. They are next to text that reads "Easier than blocking the high school bully turned #girlboss. Rent storage."

If you thought dodging those MLM messages was easy, you should see how easy it is to rent Manhattan Mini Storage online! 

Storage Safer Than…

A cartoon character inside a manhattan mini storage location holds a clipboard while next to text that reads "Safe, secure, protected, with minimal charges. Just like Prince Andrew."

Who says protection is a privilege reserved for the 1%? Easily rent secure Manhattan Mini Storage online today. 

Providing Every New Yorker with Space for All

5 cartoon characters stand on steps next to text that reads "manhattan, she-hattan, they-hattan, we-hattan."

We stand for everyone. We are in this together. We believe in safe space for all. At Manhattan Mini Storage, we’re proud to support the LGBTQIA+ community with fast, easy, and friendly self storage solutions at 17 locations throughout Manhattan. 


A cartoon character in a mascot costume holds his mascot head to the side next to text that reads "Storage Tip: Don't show them your fursuit until they show you theirs."

We won’t judge you for what you store – we can’t say the same for your dates. 


A cartoon character waves while standing next to text that reads "24/7 customer service. We would never ghost you."

At Manhattan Mini Storage, we ain’t afraid of no ghosts! What really scares us? Any company that would “ghost” NYC customers in search of spook-free self storage solutions and friendly customer service. So, who you gonna call? Manhattan Mini Storage customers use 212-STORAGE available 24/7. 

Charity Partners – Big Brothers Big Sisters America & F.A.S.T.

Manhattan Mini Storage is fortunate enough to be able to support charities through actions such as donations for every review received and providing the space to raise awareness for our partners at Big Brothers Big Sisters of America and F.A.S.T. As national charity partners, we are honored to be able to help these organizations spread their message for all of NYC to see!

Manhattan Mini Storage billboard in NYC featuring Big Brothers, Big Sisters of NYC    Manhattan Mini Storage Billboard for FAST

Rent NYC Storage Today

We are super excited for all of Manhattan to see our newest billboards. We hope you love them just as much as we do – or not, we’ve already put them up. 

If you are searching for easy, fast, and secure storage in NYC, Manhattan Mini Storage is here to provide space for all with 24/7 customer service available. Find the perfect space near you and see for yourself how easy storage can be!