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The Countdown has Begun

“School starts in two weeks, are you ready honey?”

Wait, what did my mom just say? School is starting back up in two weeks?! I just got home! My stuff is scattered all over the house and I had just gotten used to the idea of 2 ply toilet paper!

This simple question has the power to wreak havoc on the lives of perfectly comfortable young adults, and will be doing so for the next month all over the nation. The task of moving your entire life across town, to another city, or even to another state is daunting to say the least, and if not addressed effectively, can provide a lot of unnecessary grief for college students going back to school.


College Moves Are Easy With Self Storage

Luckily, everything you could need to make it easy is readily available at your local self storage facility.

First and foremost, any moving operation is going to require boxes, and lots of them. Self storage providers, such as StorageMart have boxes that will fit everything from a TV to a full set of bedding complete with a Swedish space-foam pad- it all fits. They even sell tape to close them up, and all at prices significantly lower than anything Walmart or UPS has to offer.

After you’ve got your boxes and as you’re packing everything you own up (even that NSYNC/Alternative rock poster you still can’t bring yourself to throw away) you may start to notice that all those winter coats or that abundance of t shirts is taking up a lot of room in your precious box space. Luckily, there is a self-storage secret that will actually cut the amount of space your clothes use- in half.


Two words: Stretch wrap.

StorageMart, and many other self storage providers sell rolls of this extremely useful tool on site. It’s simple. Take five of your shirts, roll them up into rolls, then take your stretch wrap and wrap them all together as tightly as you possibly can. Within a matter of seconds, you’ve got a bundle of five shirts that barely takes up the space that two neatly folded ones would need. It’ll work for anything- socks, underwear, coats, jeans, and even non clothing items. You name it, it can be stretch wrapped, and it will save you valuable box space for that awful moving process.

When the dust has settled after the moving storm, you may notice that your dorm room isn’t quite as large as the picture on your university’s website suggested and your boxes of childhood possessions are taking up half of your floor space. Once again, head on down to your local self storage facility. Most self storage providers run great deals on the first month for rent on a storage unit that will keep your precious memories stored for a time when you’ve got more than 60 square feet to live in.

For students moving this fall, look no further than places like StorageMart for all your moving and storage needs.