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Space For All

Our contribution to the NYC street scenery is getting a makeover as we introduce our new billboard and online advertising campaign, “Space for All.” Working in partnership with the marketing and creative agency Dentsu mcgarrybowen, the new campaign aims to remind people that even during a global pandemic and fraught elections, there will always be Space for All with Manhattan Mini Storage.


Bringing Characters to Life

“Bringing this campaign, and its cast of characters drawn straight from the character of New York, to life was a great partnership with the Dentsu mcgarrybowen team,” says Jason Morros, our Vice President, Integrated Marketing. “They were able to bring our unique voice to life in a fun, new creative approach that is especially relevant for the time we’re currently in. Plus, it shouldn’t be lost on anyone that the term ‘Space for All’ is relevant beyond storage as we support and celebrate life in New York City.”

As one of the most impacted cities in the country by the COVID-19 pandemic, New York City has undergone a significant moment as businesses close, employees work remotely from home, and people began reconsidering where they wanted to spend their time.A s a Manhattan-only business and one of the largest urban storage companies in the country, Manhattan Mini Storage is using this campaign to celebrate all that is wonderful about New York. No matter who you are, what you’re into, or where you’re from, New York has space for you, and that’s why Manhattan Mini Storage is committed to maximizing life in the City and making room for the things that matter – in your life, and in your home.

MMS Billboard

“Space is at a premium in our city and in our homes. Now more than ever people are having to find ways to maximize their space. This campaign illustrates that we can provide the space New Yorkers need when they need it most,” said Adam Steckler, President Manhattan Mini Storage.

Grounded in best-in-class service, our diverse range of storage solutions have a hands-on presence in the communities they operate in. The Space for All campaign encapsulates this shared spirit. It features a diverse cast of characters found across New York City, called Manhattan Minis. These Manhattan Minis highlight and celebrate the various tribes of people that help make this city all that it is. And it embraces the fact that anyone fits in, especially in New York.

MMS billboard night


Manhattan Mini Storage Celebrates New Yorkers

No matter who we are, where we come from, what we believe in or who we love, New York City accepts us. Its residents are one community accepting of all which translates to making space for all who call New York their home,” said Matt Ian, Chief Creative Officer at Dentsu mcgarrybowen. “With the Space for All campaign, Manhattan Mini Storage celebrates all the ways New Yorkers are vastly and wonderfully different, while reminding us of what makes us all the same: we could all use more space.”

As New Yorkers continue to change their living situations or adapt to life during the pandemic, Manhattan Mini Storage has people’s needs covered, as expressed in the “Space for All” campaign. We’ve got space for your baggage, your ski stuff, your window unit, and your cosplay collections. There is space for pretty much everything because pretty much everyone needs more space in this city. No matter how different we may be. Because just like New York City, at Manhattan Mini Storage, there’s Space for All.

“It’s been fantastic to work with Manhattan Mini Storage to celebrate the diversity of Manhattan and all their storage needs. The themes of ‘Space for All’ are especially pertinent right now to Manhattanites,” said Ida Rezvani, President of Dentsu mcgarrybowen.


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