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StorageMart Partners With Barnardo’s

Helping to Protect Children by Partnering With Barnardo’s

Protecting and caring for our most vulnerable population is the most important investment we can make in our future. That’s why we’re proud to partner with Barnardo’s, a children’s charity in the UK. 

History of Barnardo’s

Thomas John Barnardo was training to become a doctor when he witnessed children living in deplorable conditions. He quit school and opened his first home for boys in 1870. Barnardo decided that no child would ever be turned away for any reason, a principle the organization holds today.

In 1873, Barnardo married Syrie Louise Elmslie. She opened a home for girls the same year, using a property that had been given to them as a wedding gift. Syrie was extremely concerned about the well-being of girls and worked tirelessly to provide for them and improve their conditions.

What Services Does Barnardo’s Provide?

Barnardo’s helps children and young adults in five key areas: 

  • Helping families: Barnardo’s believes helping families become stronger is essential to a child’s well-being. They provide many programmes for strengthening families.
  • Supporting young people: A major flaw in the care system is children not having support when they leave care. Barnardo’s continues to support these children through job training and other services. 
  • Protecting children: Barnardo’s works for and with trafficked children, sexually abused children, and other children facing horrendous home situations. 
  • Involving young people: The work Barnardo’s does is effective because they listen to the children. They created a Finding Your Voice toolkit so children’s voices can be heard in their schools and communities. 
  • Fostering and adoption: Barnardo’s was using foster care before it was even a phrase. They are now the largest non-profit fostering and adoption agency in the UK. 

We are proud to partner with Barnardo’s through our Store it Forward program to continue providing these essential services to all vulnerable children. For every online review of our UK locations, we will make a donation to Barnardo’s to help support their mission to care for those in need.