Climate Controlled Storage in Kansas City

Your belongings can have a home away from home when you rent a storage unit in Kansas City, MO, at your nearest StorageMart facility. Featuring many great amenities, including climate controlled storage units and car, boat, and RV storage, your local StorageMart can tick every single box on your list. Shop online for our exclusive pricing and get started today!

Where To Find Climate Controlled Storage in Downtown Kansas City

Here in Kansas City, you see a slew of temperature extremes. Freezing conditions in the winter and muggy, hot summers are pretty standard for the area. Long-term Kansas City residents have learned to be adaptable to these fickle conditions and our storage facilities are no different!
Your belongings can actually face permanent damage from exposure to the extreme conditions you’ve grown accustomed to. Wooden belongings, such as furniture, will expand and contract as the temperature shifts, which can eventually lead to warping. Heat can cause leather goods to dry out and fade. Electronics can lose their functionality and become useless.
That’s where climate controlled storage comes in. Our climate controlled storage units in Kansas City are units that are typically located indoors. They work hard to maintain a more stable temperature within the unit that adds additional protection from those drastic shifts in temperature. That way, when you’re bundling up during a springtime cold front or finding ways to beat the heat in August, your belongings will be enjoying heated and air-conditioned storage all throughout the year. Locate a climate controlled storage unit at a StorageMart facility near you:

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Climate controlled storage in Downtown Kansas City

Climate controlled storage in North Kansas City, MO

Climate controlled storage in Lee’s Summit, MO

Climate controlled storage in Merriam, KS

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Climate controlled storage in Overland Park, KS

What Can I Store in a Climate Controlled Storage Unit in Kansas City?

Virtually everything can benefit from climate controlled storage. Long-term exposure to heat or freezing temperatures can have negative effects on many items, but certain materials are particularly sensitive and are the most likely to be significantly damaged. These materials include wood, plastic, paper, metal, glass, and more. Climate controlled storage units provide a great environment for these types of belongings.
With an abundance of storage facilities throughout the Kansas City metropolitan area, StorageMart is the top choice for climate controlled storage for your home or business. At our locations, you can find climate controlled storage offered in several different storage unit sizes and always at competitive prices, making it that much easier to choose StorageMart for your Kansas City storage.

Climate Controlled Storage for Rent in Downtown Kansas City

With facilities located across the city, it’s easy to find a location convenient to your home or business. And in addition to climate controlled storage, our facilities also offer many other great features, including car, boat, and RV storage, drive-up storage access, 24-hour video surveillance, gated access, and a great deal more. Locate your nearest StorageMart facility to rent or reserve a Kansas City storage unit today!