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Cocktail Corner: The Storage Closet

After a long day of organizing, packing, and storing, you deserve a reward, and maybe a little stress relief. As your resident bartender-turned-storage expert, I’ve got a storage-themed sweet treat you’ll want to make space for – The Storage Closet.

The Storage Closet has five ingredients and five steps, inspired by our 5×5 storage units that are roughly the size of a hall closet. It’s easy to make and a great way to impress your friends while you show off your freshly decluttered home or give you the liquid courage to start the decluttering process. Orange sherbet and Galliano mix to create an orange creamsicle treat that melts away the chaotic clutter.

Harvey Wallbanger’s Storage Unit

The Storage Closet is a sweeter twist on the Harvey Wallbanger, a classic modern cocktail that gained popularity in the 1970s. Allegedly, the drink was invented by California bartender Donato “Duke” Antone in the ‘50s, but it wasn’t until Bill Young created the slogan “Harvey Wallbanger is the name and I can be made!” that the main ingredient, Galliano, would become a widely asked for import from Italy.

The Storage Closet honors its origins by using the same Galliano that gained popularity, but changes the game with orange sherbet instead of ice. As it melts, the cocktail becomes cold and creamy, a perfect dessert for when you clean out the closet.

Easy Drink to Make at Home: 5 ingredients, 5 steps

Every cocktail starts with a glass, and for the first step of The Storage Closet, you’ll need to pre-chill your serving vessel. You’ll want to choose a glass with a wide brim to hold all the sherbet. I recommend a coupe glass or a martini glass, but a wine glass will work just fine too. Before you start decluttering, toss one or two in the freezer so it can get nice and frosted before we build the rest of the drink.

The second step is to build the mixed portion of the cocktail. You’ll need four ounces per serving of fresh orange juice, but if you’re hoping to make space in your fridge or freezer, juice from concentrate works great in a pinch. As a rule of thumb, every medium orange holds about two ounces of juice, so you can judge how many oranges you need to squeeze for each serving you prepare.

Once you have your juice, you’ll add one ounce of vodka and four ounces of orange juice to your glass and stir with your bar spoon. Then, scoop your orange sherbet and add it to the glass. Now we’re ready for the most important step: floating the Galliano.

Final Steps in Our Mixed Drink Recipe

This next step is where the magic happens – floating the Galliano. The goal is to have just a little bit of it in each sip or spoonful for a hint of vanilla and herbs to offset the orange.

Start by holding a bar spoon upside down over the drink, resting the tip on the inner edge of the glass, just above the liquid. Use the handle for balance as you slowly pour the Galliano over the back of the spoon so it spills on top of the drink.

The last step is to garnish with the fifth and final ingredient, a maraschino cherry. Then throw on some disco music and enjoy!

5×5 Storage Closet: A New Classic Cocktail

While there is always time for a cocktail, not everyone is looking for a buzz. The recipe below uses Tito’s Vodka and Galliano Liquor, but for those abstaining, there are some substitutions that you can make. Vodka can be replaced with the same amount of your favorite non-alcoholic brew, or for some bubbles, try using a cream soda or ginger ale substitute. Galliano is vanilla and licorice with just a hint of herbs, so mixing vanilla and licorice extract in equal parts will give you a similar aroma. Extracts are strong, so you will only want to use about a quarter of the original amount.  

Additionally, if your friends are helping you move, make this in a serving bowl for the perfect housewarming punch – just make sure you have a sign that says “don’t stir,” so your Galliano can stay afloat. 

As always, please drink (and store) responsibly.



Thank you to Big Daddy’s BBQ for letting us use your restaurant!

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