House Cleaning Services in Kansas City

For many of us, it’s a point of pride that we clean our own homes. Why hire someone to do something that you can do yourself? Isn’t it better to save that money?

But what about those times when you’re super busy at work? Or someone you love needs help? Or you just had a baby? Maybe you simply feel your time would be better spent on something else.

5 House Cleaning Services and Prices in Kansas City

The good news is if you’re ready for help, there are plenty of reputable, efficient, and detail-oriented cleaning services out there just waiting for your call. Here are five of the most highly rated.

The Maids of Kansas City

This cleaning service likes to ask the question: When was the last time you cleaned your windows, baseboards, or underneath your bed? Services can be customized to your specific needs.

Advance Cleaning Solutions LLC

Services offered by this company include move in/move out cleaning, tile/grout cleaning, garbage removal, desk cleaning, deep cleaning, post-event cleaning, and more. But they say their specialty is to “make our customers feel good in a clean, fresh house.”

Anisk LLC

This three-employee company cleans everything from homes to churches to retails shops, all quickly and with attention to detail. Prices are flexible and customized to the specific needs of each homeowner or place of business.

Ready Cleaning Services LLC

Ready Cleaning Services LLC offers both maid and cleaning services, as well as move in/move out cleaning, carpet cleaning, and deep cleaning. Family owned, this company has been in business for 15 years.

Two Gals & A Broom

This cleaning service prides itself on paying attention to the unique things that bother each of its customers most. “Do It All” packages start at $115 and include standard tasks such as cleaning the fridge, dusting ceiling fans, wiping blinds, vacuuming upholstery, and more.

House Cleaning in Kansas City & StorageMart

No matter how much you (or someone else) cleans, it’s impossible to keep your home nice if you simply have too much stuff for your space. At StorageMart, we offer well lit and affordable self storage units that are ideal for everything from holiday decorations to comic book collections. Even better, they can be rented on a month-by-month basis. Check out our storage unit guide to find the size that’s right for you or contact us to rent a unit online today.