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University Student Self Storage

If you’re uni-bound, graduating, or leaving for summer, you probably have a lot of stuff coming with you. It’s amazing how in just a couple of semesters clutter can build to an all-time high. Instead of getting rid of things year after year and buying new, consider your other options. Self storage is an ideal solution for any scenario. Units come in a variety of sizes and can be easily rented online or over the phone, making it a practical solution for college students. Plus, with a variety of amenities and locations across the globe, you’ve got options.

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Useful Guide to Storage for Students

Self storage is an ideal solution for any scenario, and with built-in features to make college living as easy as possible, your move can be the last thing you're stressed about.

  • Clean Facilities: Every facility is well kept by our on-site storage experts. The front office and hallways are regularly maintained, and each unit is cleaned top to bottom before you move in. Now the only mess you’ll see is your roommates.
  • Easy to Rent Online: We understand how valuable your time is. That’s why we made our online checkout quick and painless, so you can reserve your unit fast and then get back to the books.
  • Easy Account Management: Go home for the summer worry free. Our online account management lets you pay your rent, get in contact with our store managers, and make changes to your account from the comfort of your parent’s couch.
  • Climate Controlled Units: Protect your things from the summer heat with a climate controlled storage unit. These are perfect for keeping everything from your T.V. to your textbooks in pristine condition for the next school year.
Another great thing about our storage units for college students is how flexible they are. We understand that college plans can change quickly, so our month-to-month leasing with no minimum stay lets you rent for as long or as little as you need.

Sizing Up Student Self Storage Units

Most college students can get by with one of our signature storage closets. They’re designed for storing all the extra things your dorm doesn’t have space for, like sports equipment, spare bedding, and seasonal clothing. If that doesn’t sound like enough space, a small 5x10 storage unit can store all the things you don’t need when you go home. Your futon, mini-fridge, and air fryer will be waiting for you next year.

Renting Student Storage Near Me

Booking high-quality self storage is easier than you think. Our storage experts are ready to answer your questions 24/7 on our customer support line, and our easy-to-use self storage calculator can help you determine how much space you’ll want. Look for a facility near your campus and rent a storage unit near you today.

Top University Self Storage Locations

Brighton, United Kingdom:

University of Brighton
University of Sussex


University of Missouri
Stephens College


University of Georgia

New York, NEW YORK:


Norwich, United Kingdom:

University of East Anglia

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a college student and his mom unpacking a car in front of a dorm
three students with backpacks walking to class
 the trunk of a car full of blankets and bins
  • a college student and his mom unpacking a car in front of a dorm
  • three students with backpacks walking to class
  •  the trunk of a car full of blankets and bins