Climate Controlled Storage in New York, NY

You don’t have to live in New York City long to understand how bad the weather here can get. The humid summers and ice-cold winters are not only annoying, but potentially dangerous to your property—especially when leaving things in storage. To protect your stuff from extreme weather, rent with Manhattan Mini Storage. We offer climate controlled storage units in NYC that are an affordable and convenient way to free up space at home or work. Rent online for exclusive discounts and reclaim your space today!

Where To Find Climate Controlled Storage in New York, NY

Investing in climate controlled storage in NYC can pay itself back in many ways down the road, as it creates an extra layer of protection for your property from the outside elements. New York winters can get brutally cold, and there’s always the chance of a blizzard or nor’easter blasting the city. The summers can be hot! Plus it can be even more uncomfortable when there's a high chance for rain and humidity. These conditions can cause significant damage to your things when left in unregulated storage, namely discoloration, warping, and fading. Furniture, electronics, and photographs are some of the things that most frequently sustain weather damage, along with other items made of wood, vinyl, and lace.
Finding climate controlled storage in New York is easy with Manhattan Mini Storage. We operate a wide-reaching network of storage facilities in NYC with climate controlled units available in many different sizes, so whatever your needs may be, we’ve got you covered. These units are kept between a steady range of temperatures to prevent moisture accumulation and other potential environmental changes that can cause damage. Our New York storage facilities are also equipped with advanced security features like 24/7 video recording and individual pin access, granting you complete confidence that your belongings are secure.

What Can I Store in a Climate Controlled Storage Unit in New York, NY?

It’s natural to have some questions about what can be stored in a climate controlled storage unit, especially if you’ve never rented self storage before. First, you’re not allowed to store materials that are flammable, toxic, or perishable. You also can’t store guns, weapons, or other dangerous tools. And no, you can’t live in a storage unit, even if it is more spacious than your apartment.
There are several items that really benefit from climate controlled storage. Clothing, furniture, and family heirlooms are among things commonly kept in climate controlled storage, as changes in temperature or moisture can easily cause damage like discoloration and warping. Other things made of wood, vinyl, and similar sensitive materials should be stored in a temperature regulated unit as well to prevent damage. This is especially true for people leaving things unattended for long periods of time, such as students storing things before heading home during break. Items frequently stored inside climate controlled storage units include:
  • Musical instruments
  • Clothing and linens
  • Documents
  • Pictures
  • Wooden furniture
  • Leather materials
  • Electronics

Climate Controlled Storage for Rent in New York, NY

When you decide it’s time to invest in a self storage unit, go the extra mile and rent climate controlled storage with Manhattan Mini Storage. We offer a wide selection of air-conditioned and heated storage units in New York that are affordable, reliable, and accessible from all across Manhattan. To figure out what specifications your unit will need, use our unit size guide. You can also check out our storage tips page and list of frequently asked questions for more info. Once you’re ready to get started, rent or reserve your Manhattan heated storage unit online today!


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