5’ x 5’ Storage Units in Manhattan

When you’ve run out of storage space in your Manhattan home or office, you can find the ideal supplemental space with a 5’ x 5’ storage unit. You can get a full 25 square feet of space in the heart of Manhattan to give you some additional room for either the short or long term. Find affordable 5’ x 5’ self storage units online at Manhattan Mini Storage.

Where Can I Find 5’ x 5’ Storage Units in Manhattan?

Manhattan is the home to the vast majority of NYC culture. A big part of that culture is packing as much as possible in a postage stamp-sized space. With so much stuff and so little space, your options can be limited. At Manhattan Mini Storage, we provide 5’ x 5’ storage units as well as plenty of other storage unit options in the city proper. Our facilities are located all around Manhattan, so you can find one close to where you live or work.

Additional Storage Features in Manhattan

Along with our great locations and prices, we also provide high-quality storage features at our Manhattan storage facilities. For example, we offer free off-the-street parking at several of our Manhattan facilities—which is great, because parking in New York is already challenging, but if you have to take more than one trip to your vehicle, it’d be a nightmare. This will make moving into your 5’ x 5’ storage unit much easier.
Some of the other storage features at our Manhattan facilities include:
You can find more information on our various features on our main FAQ page.

What Can You Fit in a 5’ x 5’ Storage Unit?

The 5’ x 5’ storage units are the smallest standard unit size most facilities offer, but 25 square feet of storage space can be more than enough room. You can fit small desks, chairs, a dresser, suitcases, or seasonal items in your storage unit. If you still aren’t sure if you need a 5’ x 5’ unit or a different size, our storage calculator can help you figure out your best fit.

5’ x 5’ Storage Units for Rent in Manhattan, New York, NY

If you want to make enough space to actually stand up in your Manhattan apartment, come to Manhattan Mini Storage to claim a reasonably priced space that works for you. We operate storage facilities all across Manhattan. Find a Manhattan storage facility near you to get started today.